Ducks are Taking to the Water Again to Prevent Child Abuse

Duck season has begun with people already clamoring to adopt the little yellow entries into the 2017 Advocates for Children Duck Derby on May 6. With a grand prize of $10,000, sponsored by Kennesaw Transportation Inc., for the first duck plucked from the water at Terminus Wake Park, there is lots of interest in the fundraising event.
All duck adoptions are an entry into the race, and every duck has a chance to win the grand prize and many other outstanding prizes. On the day of the event, about 20,000 ducks are released into the water and the first duck selected will win the grand prize of $10,000, sponsored by Kennesaw Transportation Inc. Ducks can be purchased at participating locations throughout Bartow County or at for $5 for a Lonely Quacker (1), $25 for a Quack Pack (6) and $50 for a Quacker’s Dozen (13). Purchases can also be made by texting “ADVOCHILD” to 243725.

Additionally, there is a Very Important Duck (VID) event that will take place just before those 20,000 go for a swim. In this separate race, the winner will receive $1,000. VID tickets are a package that include one VID duck and 50 ducks in the main event for $250.

Duck Derby festivities will begin at 10 a.m. and run until to 2 p.m. with the Very Important Duck (VID) Race at 11:30 and the main race beginning at noon. Additional family friendly activities will take place around the big event, including food trucks, a children’s area with bounce houses and wakeboarding demonstrations.

All proceeds from the race benefit Advocates for Children and its efforts to prevent and treat child abuse in all its forms. The Bartow County-based nonprofit provides direct care to children from birth to age 18 who have been victims of abuse and neglect. In addition, the organization offers preventive and educational programming that focuses on crucial elements of family wellness. Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to provide resources, care and encouragement to children and families.

For more information about Advocates for Children, call 770.387.1143 or visit

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