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Child Abuse Prevention and Community Awareness

Advocates for Children proudly serves as the official community-based Chartered Council for Prevent Child Abuse (PCA) Georgia. Network members have provided leadership for the prevention of child maltreatment in Georgia for more than 25 years, and we share the core principles of valuing children, strengthening families, and engaging communities.

There is no excuse for child abuse

In 2013, 1,391 reports of abuse and/or neglect were made to Bartow County DFCS Child Protection Services.

These are the young faces in your community. It is known that so many more children remain unprotected because a majority of child abuse and neglect is never reported to anyone who can offer help.

Child abuse prevention is everyone’s responsibility, and Adults owe it to the children in their community to take responsibility for stopping child abuse and neglect. Adults must learn how to recognize when there may be risk for harm to children, and know how to offer support and assistance before child abuse occurs.

Prevention means understanding the conditions that make children vulnerable and taking the action necessary to improve those conditions.

Preventing Child Abuse means strengthening the ability of parents and communities to care for their children’s health and well-being.

Prevention is only a phone call away

Contact Advocates for Children to learn more about ways to prevent child abuse and neglect. We offer a variety of training opportunities to youth educators, faith-based organizations, parents and other adult communities determined to stop abuse. The following child abuse prevention and community awareness trainings are offered to Adults in this community who are interested in taking responsibility for protecting the children and teens of Bartow County.

Stop It Now! Georgia Program is a Public Health campaign sponsored by Prevent Child Abuse Georgia intended to prevent the perpetration of child sexual abuse. Our goal is to help adults take responsibility for the prevention of child sexual abuse before a child is harmed. Adult Workshops offered locally by a trained and highly skilled Facilitator:

  • Building Blocks of Healthy Sexual Development: Designed to help adults better understand the full scope of a child’s healthy growth and development. Information is offered to teach adults the signs and symptoms of abuse, and how to get help for these child victims.

  • Circles of Safety: Designed to provide vital information and useful tools to help adults have difficult conversations with other adults as a way to prevent child sexual abuse.

Additional Child Abuse Prevention Trainings & Community Awareness Opportunites

  • Mandated Reporter Training, Promises to Keep-The Opportunity to Prevent: A program designed by Prevent Child Abuse Georgia to educate adult learners about the evolution and future of child abuse prevention, the ways to effectively recognize and responsibly report child maltreatment, and to learn protective factors for families and children at risk for maltreatment.

  • A Better Way Children’s Advocacy Center Program 101: What does it mean to have a CAC in your local community? Learn about how the safety and welfare of our children and families are benefitted by this community approach to the deliberate prevention, investigation, intervention and treatment of child abuse in Bartow County, by the many agencies and systems in place to help children and families at risk!

  • April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month! Advocates for Children sponsors community events and activities to build and strengthen awareness of child abuse and neglect issues. You can help in your neighborhood, school, business, and civic or faith organizations. The effort to break the cycle continues all year, every year…don’t wait for April to raise awareness!!

If you ever suspect child abuse or negect, please call 911 or Bartow County DFCS at 770.387.3710.