Advocates for Children
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Advocates for Children is the umbrella that covers our 10 programs, all dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect.

First Steps

Through our First Steps program new mothers receive a post-partum visit from a trained volunteer who provides them with a packet of information about how to care for her infant, community resources and a 24 hour “warm line” phone number to call if she feels overwhelmed. 

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Hope in Your Home

Home in Your Home is a home visitation program to reach at risk children and families in order to prevent maltreatment from occuring.

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Rainbows is a support group for children who have suffered significant loss in their lives, either through death, divorce, or other painful transitions. A caring, trained adult guides the support group, which meets at local schools or churches once a week for approximately 40 minutes.

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This program helps divorcing parents know how to help their children adjust to many changes brought on by divorce.

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A Better Way Children's Advocacy Center (CAC)

The goal of a CAC is to reduce the trauma to children and youth who have made allegations of sexual or severe physical abuse. The reporting process is designed to be a single event overseen and followed up by a Multidisciplinary Team which includes law enforcement, medical and child protective services.

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Project Safe Place

Businesses and other public places volunteer to become a designated Safe Place. Eye-catching yellow and black Safe Place signs mark these locations, and young people who feel they may be in danger can seek help wherever they see a Safe Place sign.

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Jacob’s Ladder Mentor

It is our goal to provide every youth who comes to Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter with a mentor – someone who will be a dependable friend to him or her in order that each young person’s safety and self-worth will be nurtured.

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Are you a young person who wants to make a difference? Why not become a VolunTeen?

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