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1983 – Marked the year when concerned community members in Bartow County recognized the need for a children’s shelter in our community. After thoughtful research and support for Bartow’s newest program, our ambitious founders realized their vision was a possibility.

1985 – Advocates obtained a small house to serve as Bartow County’s first children’s shelter. The shelter served fewer than nine children at a time in its first few years.

1988 – First Steps program launch

1990 – TransParenting program launch

1999 – Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter opens on Monroe Crossing

1999 – Rainbows program launch

2000 – Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program launch

2002 – Safe Place program launch

2008 – Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) opens

2013 – Hope in Your Home program launch


Our Future

As new needs for our children continue to arise in Bartow County and surrounding North Georgia areas, Advocates will continue to meet them. We are thankful for those who have helped us to brighten young lives every day for over 30 years!


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