Annual Meeting

Our 2018 Annual Meeting was held on January 23rd and featured a special guest speaker, Jason Lee.

Jason Lee was born in Atlanta and moved to Birmingham, Alabama, in 1986 when he was 12 years old.  He was targeted by a sexual predator and was sexually molested for the next six years.  Jason was one of three victims who ultimately pressed charges against his abuser, Don Corley, and is directly responsible for Corley being in jail today.  Jason is also the founder of 30is30 – an organization that generated public awareness about Corley’s potential early release from jail and channeled that public response to the Alabama Pardon and Parole Board.  Today, Jason uses his past to chart a better future, advocating for justice and encouraging other survivors of child abuse who are finding ways to reclaim themselves.






In addition to the compelling message from Mr. Lee, we also awarded some of our dedicated volunteers.
Mentor of the Year: Dottie Brawner


CASA Volunteer of the Year: Danielle Heaston

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