Facilitated locally by Advocates for Children, Rainbows for All Children is the largest non-profit program dedicated to helping children heal from painful family transitions. Rainbows has helped more than 3 million children since 1983 through the process of healing from these transitions, including separation, divorce, death, illness, and military deployment.

Led by adult volunteers, Rainbows is a free program and is available for children enrolled in grades K-12 in almost all schools in both the Bartow County and Cartersville City school systems. The program’s curriculum helps children and teenagers:

  • Develop and strengthen problem solving, appropriate behavior and anger management skills
  • Improve school attendance and academic performance
  • Alleviate depression and anxiety
  • Reduce emotional pain and suffering
  • Improve communication in their families
  • Reduce the likelihood of destructive behavior

Children are not always able to express their feelings in words. In many situations, parents are suffering as well, and may be unable to provide needed support. Consequently, grieving youth need a trustworthy, caring adult to guide them through their grief. They need the security of a confidential, safe setting in which to feel comfortable. Rainbows was created to provide children an opportunity for healing after a painful loss.

Through use of journals, games, discussions, stories, and crafts, the nationally recognized curriculum is designed to help children accept the change in their family, develop coping skills to deal with their feelings, and to share in a trusted and confidential environment with others who have had similar experiences of grief. Children develop friendships as they share their feelings with other children their age who may have experienced the same emotions.

To learn how to start Rainbows in your school or to become a Rainbows volunteer, contact us at 770.387.1143.