RISE Youth Independent Housing expanded Advocates’ capacity to assist young adults. The purpose of this program is to assist young people who do not have a permanent home obtain and maintain housing, become self-sufficient, and grow into independent and successful adults. This program will help homeless youth in six of the eleven counties that Advocates for Children serves across northwest Georgia.

The program services include, but are not limited to, assisting youth find permanent housing, providing temporary rental assistance, transportation, childcare assistance, and assisting participants obtain and enhance life skills, which may differ from client to client. Some examples of these life skills include budgeting, maintaining a clean and organized household, time management and scheduling, and goal setting towards the future.

“The belief and hope that young people can succeed in independent housing as long as we support them and connect them with the services they need, is vital in ensuring youth success in this model. It’s the hope and the belief that makes RISE such an exciting an innovative approach to youth homelessness.” – Rhonda Hall, RISE Director. The program will also be able to provide food and household staples through partnerships with Blessed Coalition and Red Door Food Pantry.

The term RISE comes from four core words: Resilience, Independence, Success, and Empowerment. “This term represents our hope for these young adults—that they will gain the Resilience, to be able to quickly come back and recover from hard circumstances, the Independence to be able to care for themselves without future assistance, the Success to be able to accomplish anything they set their minds to, and the Empowerment to feel confident in their ability to take control of their own futures.” – RISE Case Manager.

For more information on eligibility requirements, referrals, and enrollment, contact us at RISEinfo@advochild.org.

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