With an array of programs already available to assist abused and neglected children, Advocates for Children’s housing program, RISE expands our organization’s capacity to assist young adults. The program assists those young adults who do not have a permanent home obtain and maintain housing, become self-sufficient, and grow into independent and successful adults! This program helps homeless youth in six of the eleven counties that Advocates for Children serves across Northwest Georgia.

With the program already showing success, Advocates for Children is hoping to continue growing the program, so that we are able to aid even more young adults.

Mariah’s story with the RISE program is a testament to what can be achieved:

Mariah entered into the RISE program needing assistance with housing for her and her son. Because of a strained relationship with her family and lack of their support, she needed assistance. Mariah had many goals when she entered the program, including finding stable employment, obtaining affordable childcare, purchasing a vehicle, and finding health insurance for both herself and her son. With the help of her case manager and independent living coordinator, Mariah focused on each of these goals and helped create new ones to advance her independence. Mariah learned budgeting skills, which lead to her contributing towards her own rent and saving money for a reliable car.

As Mariah was able to realize her attainable short-term goals, she was encouraged to look towards long-term goals. She was able to reconcile with her family and look forward to the future, expressing her goal of becoming a homeowner by the end of the program. Mariah worked diligently to attain this goal and she was able to apply for a first-time homeowner’s loan, which she was approved for by the time she exited the program.

“If not for RISE, I would not have a steppingstone to get to where I am today.”

At her 6-month follow-up, Mariah informed her case manager that she continued to budget since her exit from the program and was able to purchase the car she had been saving for. Recently, Mariah moved into her new home that she now owns. Additionally, Mariah improved her employment status and now makes $16/hour. She can afford her own healthcare and meet her basic needs. Mariah is excited for the positive changes happening in her life and sent her thanks for the RISE program for helping her attain her goals.

“If it wasn’t for my case managers, I would’ve never had hope for myself to get where I wanted to be in life. You all and God provided a paved road for me to run down to become a better me.”

For additional information, check out advochild.org/our-programs to learn more about the other amazing programs Advocates for Children has to offer!