What is Quacky Cash?

Advocates for Children’s Quacky Cash competition is back, and we are excited to award 3 lucky seniors $1,000-$5,000 to go towards future expenses.

Here’s how you participate:

When you sign up, you will be provided a unique URL, a fundraising toolkit, and other opportunities to help you sell ducks!


Q. Do I have to go to school in Bartow County?
A. Yes. For the time being this contest is for Bartow County residents only.

Q. Do I have to spend the prize money on college?
A. No. The prize money is yours to do what you wish with. While we would like for you to use the money to reinvest in your future (college, down payment on a car, apartment deposit, savings, etc.), there are no limitations on the prize money.

Q. I signed up. When do I get my unique URL?
A. You need to send a personal bio and picture to Samantha at samantha@advochild.org to generate your URL. After that, expect a 24 hour turn around time before receiving your URL.

Q. What if I send someone to the duck sales website and they don’t purchase on my page?
A. Any ducks adopted from the main page of the website are attributed to Advocates for Children and not you. You must ensure that people purchase ducks from your page in order to get credit.

Have more questions? Send them to samantha@advochild.org.