Advocates for Children is proud to announce our newest program, SKORE!

Supporting Kids on the Road to Excellence (SKORE) is a program offered to children between ages 12 to 17 years old who have committed noncriminal acts that are considered a law violation because of their status as minors. In April 2021, Advocates for Children began operating SKORE, providing services to children and their families to help them access the resources needed to ensure the children overcome their behavioral challenges.

SKORE is a diversion program that serves as an avenue for holding youth accountable for their behavior, empowering them to make changes in their own lives. Children and youth graduating from SKORE will have their case closed without an appearance before a judge and will not acquire a court record.

Families enrolled are given a 90-day plan and the resources necessary to resolve family issues and keep children in school, out of detention, out of Court, and out of foster care.

To learn more or make a referral for SKORE, visit