For over forty years, Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter has provided a safe home for children who’ve experienced abuse and neglect. Over the years, we have been honored to receive cards and letters from children who’ve been cared for at Flowering Branch. Recently, we received a wonderful card from a young man who credits Flowering Branch for helping him get on the right track.

Dear Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter,

I wanted to write a thank you letter for helping me get through a rough period of my life. I didn’t have parental and spiritual guidance which led me to dislike a lot of people including the Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter. As I look back into my past, I realize y’all helped guide and form who I currently am and led me in the right direction, which I can’t be thankful enough. Y’all taught me the essential needs of living.

I got adopted soon after I left Flowering Branch and I now have a family. I am currently a Division 1 athlete on scholarship for Cross-Country and Track, who maintained a 3.6 GPA throughout High School. I’m simply providing details on how Flowering Branch helped me to get where I currently am. I wanted to thank y’all as I thanked everyone for helping me to get where I currently stand.



*Name an details changed to protect the former resident’s privacy.