Being appointed to several cases gives CASA volunteers the unique opportunity to get to know not only the children under their care but also their families and foster parents. In 2019, one of our CASA volunteers was working on two separate cases. One of them involved a foster family who was providing a home for a little boy and his sister. Knowing that these two children would soon be going home to their biological parents, the CASA volunteer recognized in the couple a very loving set of foster parents and learned that they were hoping to adopt a little girl. Coincidentally, the volunteer’s other case involved a little girl who had been in foster care for quite some time. Unfortunately, her dad was doing a minimum amount on his case plan. When the girl finally became available for adoption, the CASA contacted DFCS making them aware of the foster parents’ interest in adopting a girl. The volunteer then suggested the child from the other case as a potential match. After several visits and plenty of time together, the foster parents finally adopted the little girl in mid-December. This was a wonderful Christmas gift for both the foster parents and the girl appointed to our care, as well as to our volunteers at CASA who celebrate these victories as their own.