In the past year, Hope in Your Home served a single mom of 5 who struggled with substance abuse and had been incarcerated due to her drug habit. When she enrolled in HIYH, her two oldest children were living with relatives and the two youngest boys were in foster care. She was holding down a full-time job and was enrolled in the Bartow County Family Treatment Court, attending Highland Rivers therapy 4 days a week. At the parenting sessions, she was very engaged and interested in learning everything from teething to temper tantrums. By the end of the program, she had regained custody of her two youngest children and was very enthusiastic about implementing new parenting strategies to build a lasting bond with them. Today, she has moved into a bigger apartment and is about to complete her rehab program and graduate from drug treatment court. The Hope in Your Home Parenting staff built a supportive relationship with her, so she had someone to call when she had concerns about her children. Advocates believes in collaboration with other agencies and community supports. HIYH coming together with this wrap around supports help stabilized this family and put them on a path to success.