In 2019, our shelter was home to two siblings who re-entered care after a failed adoption. Coming back into the foster care system causes a great deal of trauma for children who hope to be placed into a permanent home. In these situations, we make every effort to offer children what they need to restore and maintain their emotional and physical well-being. This includes providing them with resources for their educational development, mental and medical care, and assistance in transitioning into adulthood. The siblings had been under our care in the past and, despite their unfortunate experience, they were resilient and determined to be placed with the family they deserved. After welcoming them back to our shelter, we had the privilege to witness the great gift of having both children transitioning into a new adoptive family just in time for Christmas. We strive to better serve survivors like these children, who do not give up in finding a loving and supporting family and a place that they can call home.