Every year for the past 14 years, the Iron Order MC Cartersville Chapter raises money for the residents of the Flowering Branch Children’s Shelter to take a summer vacation! For four days, our kiddos and direct care staff rent a beach house at Tybee Island for some sand, sun, and fun. From eating out to souvenir shopping, we provide our residents with the experiences you would expect from a typical family vacation thanks to the generous support of our community.

“My favorite part of the vacation was ghost crab hunting!” – Z.C.

“I liked keeping the AC in my room cranked up to full blast.” – B.P.

“The food was amazing! I LOVE seafood, and we ate out at a new restaurant every night.” – M.S.

“My favorite part was swimming in the ocean.” – I.H.

“I got to see dolphins for the first time, which was really cool!” – W.B.

We cannot thank Iron Order MC enough for helping us provide our residents with an enriching experience! Our community supports Advocates for Children is so many ways, and we are happy to provide opportunities to those we serve.